2008 Interpreting Objects

Sept 3 Debby Andrews. Center for Material Culture Studies. Course overview
Sept 10 Arwen Mohun. Department of History
Dangerous things: The social construction of technology
Sept 17 Lance Winn. Department of Art
Scholar rocks, bonsai trees, and crunched up cars: The possibility of the sculpted object
Sept 24 Meet in the Art Conservation lab, 120 Old College
Jae Gutierrez. Department of Art Conservation
Photographic materials: History, deterioration, and preservation
Oct 1 Margaret Stetz. Mae and Robert Carter Professor of Women’s Studies
Clothing and culture in girl’s coming-of-age fiction
Oct 8 Bess Williamson. Graduate student, Department of History
Design and life of a food processor: The Cuisinart
Oct 15 Meet at the Raven Press, 2nd floor, Studio Arts Building, near Old College
Ashley Pigford. Department of Art
Physical pixels: A kinesthetic approach to graphic design
Oct 22 Julian Yates. Department of English
A particular fondness for oranges about 1597
Oct 29 Will Scott. Department of History
Blue jeans and the transformation of American culture
Nov 5 Annette Giesecke. Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
Gardens, urbanism, and utopias in ancient Greece and Rome
Nov 12 Chandra Reedy. Center for Historic Architecture and Design
Sand mandalas: Ephemeral material culture in Tibetan life and religion
Nov 19 Meet in the University Gallery in Old College
Fritz Nelson. Department of Geography
Common Cold: Art and science in polar exploration
Dec 3 Lu Ann DeCunzo. Professor of Anthropology and Early American Culture
The interpretation of garbage
Dec 10 Janneken Smucker. Graduate Student, History of American Civilization

Amish quilts and the crafting of value