2008 Program

Sixth Annual Symposium

Material. Culture. Now.
Winterthur Museum & Country Estate
Saturday, April 12, 2008

PROGRAM (printable program)

8:00-8:45 Registration

8:45 Welcomes from the symposium co-chairs, the Center for Material Culture Studies, and the Winterthur Museum & Country Estate

9:00 Panel 1

Sarah Jones, University of Delaware (Winterthur Program in American Material Culture):  “‘A Grand and Ceaseless Thoroughfare’: The Social and Cultural Experience of Shopping on Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1820-1860”

Sarah J. Chicone, Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, NY (Paleontological Research Institution): “Reimagining America’s ‘Deserving’: Poverty, Materiality, and the 1913-14 Southern Colorado Coal Strike”

Martina Grünewald, University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Design History): “Inalienable Possessions of a Different Sort: On the Fading World of Pawnbroking in Vienna”

Commentator: Michael Prokopow, Managing Director, Institute for Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Panel 2

Eric F. Gollannek, University of Delaware (Art History): “The World I Drank, or Empire in the Punch Bowl”

Jennifer Ferng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (History, Theory, & Criticism of Architecture and Art): “The Life of Stones: Geology, Aesthetics, and the Excavation of the Material World”

Juliette Kristensen, Kingston University, London (History of Design): “A Crafty Woman’s Touch: A Phenomenology of Embroidery, Piano Playing and Typing”

Commentator: Julian Yates, Associate Professor of English and Material Culture Studies, University of Delaware

12:30 Lunch (with optional Roundtable)

1:30 Winterthur tours – collections, library, conservation

3:00 Panel 3

Lynley Herbert, University of Delaware (Art History): “Egyptian Appliqués: Sewing the Seeds of Cultural Revival”

Hillary Kaell, Harvard University (American Studies): “Christian Teens and Biblezines: An Analysis of Revolve: The Complete New Testament”

Rebecca Onion, University of Texas, Austin (American Studies): “Reclaiming the Machine: Steampunk Practice and the Humanization of the Technological Object”

Commentator: Jonathan C. Smith, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Saint Louis University

4:30 Introduction

Keynote Address: Shirley Wajda, Assistant Professor of History and American Studies, Kent State University

4:50 Closing Remarks