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Broken handles, screws, and various mechanical parts are common place in any environment, and is no different here at the University. Taking note of that fact, the CBC Machine Shop offers a variety of mechanical repair services to get your broken equipment back to running, and in perfect working condition. Whether it’s simply replacing a screw, or completely rebuilding a vacuum pump.

In the Chemistry and Biochemistry department, as well as other areas within the University, one of the main components of a lab and/or classroom is a dependable vacuum pump. But, like most mechanical devices, maintenance, and sometimes major repairs, are needed . The CBC Machine Shop offers repair services specifically for “dry” vacuum pumps, and, “direct drive” vacuum pumps. ┬áDirect Drive pumps run without the use of a belt, and are much more reliable and repairable. ┬áDirect drive pump repairs are available for vacuum pumps from the following manufacturers.

  • Alcatel
  • Edwards
  • Varian
  • Welch
  • Other Vaccum Pump Models Repaired upon Request.

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