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Mirror Bench 3d Model & Completed Build

In late 2010, the CBC Machine Shop was asked to design and build a Variable Angle Light Reflectance Module (VALRM) that could be used with a faculty member’s existing Vertex FT-IR Microscope.  The science behind the VALFR is part of a patent being devloped by Dr. Karl Booksh of the Chemistry Department.  The mechinical design aspect of the project was placed in the hands of the CBC Machine Shop to develop.

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Although you wouldn't know it by looking at it, this carbide end mill is coated in diamonds.


Here are a few pictures of the CBC machine shop milling a pocket into a piece of 1/4″ thick Quartz glass. Although the Chemistry department does have a well equipped glassblowing shop, their tooling is designed to handle heating, blowing, and tempering of glassware. When it comes to machining different materials, this is an area of expertise for the CBC Machine Shop.

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Kennametal has always been a leader in cutting tool technology, often developing new coatings, cutter materials, and shapes to improve tool life.  Now they’ve turned their attention to the other critical component of quality machining, coolant, and they seem to be just as determined to lead the industry in this area of technological advances.

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Ionization Source Design

This is a 3D model of an ionization source attachment which will be designed, built and installed on an existing Mass Spectrometer.

Powder Compression Die

This die was built and used to form a unique powder into a 1 mm thick disc.