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Hi folks -

The LGBT Faculty / Staff Caucus has had a very productive year and we could not have done it without you !!!

What did we do this year ?  Hold on to your hats. . here we go !

–The Caucus provided feedback to DEC re: concerns and campus climate for LGBT faculty/staff.

–The Caucus was proactive in seeking additional ways to fund further needs assessment of LGBT faculty/staff – proposal for CSD funding was submitted; continued collaboration with CSD regarding focused data collection and possible workshop for faculty/staff will be a continued goal for 2014-2015.

–The Caucus initiated meetings with development to conceptualize and work toward feasibility of establishing an LGBTQ student scholarship/award (ongoing for 2014-2015).

–The Caucus started to be focused in outreach toward LGBTQ alumni through existing networks.

–Expansion of support/social network: creating a facebook page.

–Co-Sponsored a couple of events with Haven: Fall Athlete Ally event and Spring Trans athlete event.

–Had a great Social event in January with a terrific turn out for networking, collaboration, and socializing.

–1st Annual LGBT Caucus Triangle Award – May 15th. Purpose:  This award recognizes outstanding leadership and contributions in promoting an inclusive and safe campus climate that respects the diversity of the LGBT community at University of Delaware. The “Triangle” represents three key components to being a leader for our community: support, advocacy, and visibility. 2014 recipients: Paul Hengesteg, OEI and Center for Counseling and Student Development.

–2014 Louis L. Redding Award Recipient: Co-Chair of Caucus, Karla A. Bell.

–Helped expand the collaboration and relationship with the student group, Haven this past year through regular meetings, informal mentoring and role-modeling, collaboration for co-sponsoring events.

Whew !  A productive year indeed !  We can’t wait to continue with the successes next year!

Happy and Safe Summer to all !  See you in September !

Karla A. Bell and Christine Grott – Co-Chairs



The first annual triangle award

The LGBT Faculty / Staff Caucus presents its inaugural Triangle Award to those individuals or University entities who Support the LGBT Cause, Advocate for Equality, and believe that Visibility is the key to end discrimination.

Please join us in celebrating this year’s recipients:

The Center for Counseling and Student Development


Paul Hengesteg

Office of Equity and Inclusion

JOIN US for this event:

May 15, 2014 4:00pm – 6:00pm

The Center for Black Culture -192 S. College Ave

LGBT Faculty/Staff Caucus

University of Delaware

Co-Chairs:  Dr. Karla Bell and Christine Grott |

karlab@udel.edu or cgrott@udel.edu  |