Research in this lab focuses on a broad range of topics in biomechanics, including gait mechanics, figure skating simulation software, biomechanical analysis of sport, clinical applications of biomechanics, rehabilitation biomechanics, pediatric obesity, and community-based activity programs.


James G. Richards


Thomas M. Kepple


Todd Royer, PhD

Associate Professor

Steven J. Stanhope


Susan J. Hall


Marisa Theroux-Jones, Katherine Arbour, Angela Boynton, Sarah Trager, Jeffrey Mattson, Shaun Hager, Kota Takahashi, Alexander Razzook, Elisa Schrank, Lakisha Guinn

Graduate Students


  • Todd Royer investigates gait mechanics that contribute to risk factors associated with the development of knee osteoarthritis, and gait mechanics and energetics of human locomotion.
  • Tom Kepple is developing custom Figure Skating Simulation Software program to be used in support of a project funded by United Sates Figure Skating. He also serves as the technical coordinator on the luminary site agreement between the College of Health Sciences and C-Motion, Inc. This work includes the development of new software and motion capture algorithms that support both the mission of the College of Health Sciences and C-Motion Inc. He is also developing software for improving and testing the performance of Motion Capture Systems. This includes software for locating force platforms, assessing the accurarcy of the force platform locations and testing the latency of the real-time Motion Analysis systems.
  • Jim Richards focuses on three primary areas: 1) the development of new tools for measurement and analysis of human motion, 2) gait mechanics, and 3) biomechanical analysis of sport.
  • Susan Hall is interested in clinical applications of biomechanics.
  • Steven Stanhope’s research focus is in rehabilitation biomechanics, pediatric obesity, and community-based activity programs.
  • The development of custom software for simulating the airborne phase of figure skating jumps. Funding from the United States Figure Skating Association. (Richards, Kepple).
  • Factors contributing to tibial acceleration in figure skating jump landings. Funding from the United States Figure Skating Association. (Arbour, Provost-Craig, and Royer)
  • Modulating asymmetrical lower-extremity joint loading via split-belt treadmill ambulation. (Theroux-Jones and Royer)
  • The inter-relationship among load carriage, gait mechanics and metabolic cost. (Boynton and Royer)
  • Are joint loads minimized at preferred step rate frequencies? (Royer)
  • Measurement of scapular orientation and position using motion capture technology. (Richards)
  • Rapid manufacture of personalized rehabilitation devices (Stanhope, Schrank)
    Gait Adaptations to Passive Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis Use (Stanhope, Takahashi, Guinn, Razzook, Kregling)
  • Changes in the distribution of human body shape incidences and incidence of overweight and obesity in US children (Guinn, Stanhope)
  • Ankle Joint Pseudo Stiffness Changes with Walking Velocity (Razzook, Stanhope)
  • Roll-over dynamics during natural walking (Kregling, Razzook, Stanhope)

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