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Fainting and the Summer Heat

Warmer days can make you swoon, so be prepared Over one million Americans faint every year, and countless more do worldwide. Fear, pain, the sight of blood or prolonged standing – think the long lines of summer travel – can trigger fainting. These triggers set off a...

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Another Reason to Exercise During the Holidays

Yes, of course we all know we should exercise every day during the holiday season to help counter the onslaught of excess calories that started on Thanksgiving and will mercifully end with a New Year’s toast. We may even tire of hearing about exercise and weight from...

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Repetitive Head Impacts in Ice Hockey Players

Among collegiate athletes, ice hockey players have a higher concussion exposure rate than football players. University of Delaware Ph.D. and post-doctoral students in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, and Biomechanics and Movement Science are studying the role of...

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Athletic training student in Brazil

As Olympic athletes begin to arrive for August’s Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, University of Delaware student Nikki Patel, too, will begin her own gold medal worthy journey. Patel, a junior athletic training major and first generation student, is UD’s newest Gilman...

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Salt bomb

RADIO HEALTH JOURNAL—Americans consume far too much salt even if they add none to their foods. Experts, including our Bill Farquhar, discuss why salt is such a health problem. Listen to the...

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Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death for both men and women across the United States. The state of Delaware is in the bottom half of states for coronary heart disease death rates. To help tackle this problem, the National Institute of General...

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Athletic training accolades

The University of Delaware Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) has been selected for the 2016 Bill Cramer Professional Development Award. UD was chosen out of 360 schools with athletic training programs for this annual recognition that is given to only one...

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An exercise in Parkinson’s

For the majority of people, finding the motivation to consistently exercise is tough — even when there is nothing really wrong. Now imagine whether you would feel like exercising if you had slowed movement, impaired balance, tremors and perhaps symptoms of depression....

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Investigating salt’s sinister side

$2.6 million grant supports study of salt's effect on brain neurons, blood pressure So your blood pressure is nice and steady, 110 over 70 most of the time, and nobody’s telling you to put that salt shaker down or opt out of those sea-salt-slathered morsels on the...

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All-Star AT

Program director. Teacher. Administrator. Athletic trainer. Editor. Researcher. That isn’t a list of positions for an entire department; those are the roles performed by one person, the University of Delaware’s Tom Kaminski. The kinesiology and applied physiology...

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