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The focus of the Cardiovascular Research Lab is to examine blood pressure regulation and autonomic nervous system function in humans.The Cardiovascular Research Laboratory has several research projects under two broad themes:

Vascular Function and Diet

  • Exploring the effects of dietary salt on vascular endothelial function. This project is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Dave Edwards and the Vascular Physiology Lab.

Neural Control of the cardiovascular system in health and disease

  • Examining blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system regulation during exercise in healthy aging and in cardiovascular disease, including hypertension
  • Examining mechanisms underlying reflex-mediated increases in blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system activity during exercise, including alterations in sensory fiber function in different populations (hypertensive adults; salt-resistant and salt-sensitive adults)
  • Examining the influence of acute manipulations in plasma osmolality on the control of sympathetic outflow in clinical populations


William Farquhar

Professor, Department Chair

Megan Wenner

Assistant Professor

Liza Walker

Lab Coordinator

Austin Robinson

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kamila Migdal

Doctoral Student

Mathew Babcock

Doctoral Student

Joseph Watso

Doctoral Student


Funding for these projects comes from various sources:

  • ACSM Foundation Research Grant, PI Greaney
  • AHA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, PI Greaney;
  • 1 R01 HL104106-01A1 Farquhar and Edwards, fully funded
  • 1 R21 HL113613-01 Farquhar and Fadel, pending

If you are interested in participating in one of our studies, please contact Liza Walker (

Collaborative Work with Other Research Programs

The Cardiovascular Research Lab also interacts with other research programs on campus. For example, we collaborate with our colleagues from Physical Therapy (Binder-Macleod, Reisman) to examine the metabolic cost of walking in patients that have sustained a stroke and have walking impairments. We also collaborate with our colleagues from Medical Technology (Maser) and Nursing (Prettyman, Schell). Collaborations extend outside of the University as well, including Christiana Care (Stillabower, Weintraub, Kolm), Penn State-Hershey (Ray) and the University of Missouri (Fadel).



STAR Health Sciences Complex

540 S College Ave, Newark DE 19713

P: (302) 831-1060

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