• Caucus Meetings of Nov 17 and Dec 16 2016 (Minutes)
    *Minutes (Recorded by Noemi Murphy) Meeting on 11/17/2015 International Education Week - tags came in time for the Festival of Nations on 11/16/15 - over 100 tags were left to distribute during the course of this year. Events to use tags: Benefit Fairs with UD with the Dept. of Diversity and Inclusions; lunch with Andrew…
  • IC Board Meeting June 23, 2015 Minutes
    In Attendance: Karen Asenavage, Ken Hyde, Frances O'Brien Reviewed Important Updates: Budget needs to be sent to Michelle by the end of the week (06/26) for next year.  Ken went over the budget summary and proposals for 2014/2015.  Karen provided reconciliation from year's events which ELI office sold tickets and netted profit.  The proceeds will…

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International Caucus Meeting Minutes 1-7-2014

International Caucus Meeting Minutes 12-19-2013

International Caucus Board Meeting Minutes 9-11-13