Secure UD Training is being reset from January 25-February 1, 2016. See the “New for 2016” section below for details.

What is Secure UD training?

In light of ongoing developments in the digital landscape, the University of Delaware stresses the importance of cyber security. Safe information handling and computer use must be practiced by everyone.  Anyone can be the victim of cyber-attacks, and even a single vulnerability can be exploited to compromise an entire organization’s assets. Employees are one of an organization’s best assets for ensuring information security; you are the first line of defense. As such, the University of Delaware has adopted an awareness training program to arm you with knowledge to improve computer, network and data security.

Secure UD is a modular, online, self-paced, comprehensive training program that addresses topical issues in information security. Training materials are designed for employees of all levels and skillsets, the novice and experienced users will benefit from the program.

Don’t be the weakest link in cyber defense chain.

New for 2016

New modules will be assigned in increments throughout the year. Each of the three sets of training will contain a small number of modules and take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. When a new set of training is released, the previous set becomes locked. All personnel tasked with handling University data should complete training as it is assigned.

  • The first set of modules will be available on February 1, 2016.
  • The second set of modules will be released in April 2016.
  • The third set of modules will be released in September 2016.

I viewed the videos yesterday at home while I was off work and thought they were nicely done, and well presented. I also really appreciated the URL tie in to the UD documents that needed to be viewed before moving on – it positively re-enforced the fact that this wasn’t just an outside firm presentation, but was tied to UD’s policies. For what it’s worth, my wife (who does not work at UD) did find the videos informative – she was curious why it wasn’t my usual iTunes selection playing while I clicked away, so she watched and learned.

Patrick McMahon

CITA IV, Chemistry & Biochemistry

The encryption module made me aware that you can encrypt data that you do not want exposed to hackers or people that you do not want looking at it. This module should be given more awareness on campus especially when handling confidential and sensitive material.


Secure UD survey respondent

I completed the training modules today, and I think the program was very nicely done. The information presented is clear and simple, so even employees with very little knowledge in this area will learn what they need to know. The program will serve to remind UD personnel at all levels about the importance of data security, the applicable UD policies, and steps they can take to ensure that their data is protected. Also, I did not encounter any system issues while reviewing the videos.


Secure UD survey respondent

I took the training several months ago; I found most of it very useful to me in both my personal and professional life.


Secure UD survey respondent

You are a target. Information security is everyone’s responsibility.