Patrick T. Harker

A message from President Harker

The University of Delaware strives to be first: First in community. First in achievement. First in security. Advancing the last goal is Secure UD, a program that will help safeguard the University in a fast-changing digital landscape.

Secure UD is a complete package. It will help you and your fellow employees protect University data—your data—against misuse and unauthorized outside access. With security threats proliferating, I can’t stress enough how critical it is that we be vigilant in safeguarding our information. I’m confident that Secure UD will bring that vigilance to our community, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming a safer digital future.

What is Secure UD training?

In light of ongoing developments in the digital landscape, the University of Delaware stresses the importance of information security. Safe information storage and computer use is not simply something for IT professionals or computer scientists. Anyone can be the victim of hackers and malware, and one weak spot can be exploited to expose an entire organization. You are a target. Information security is everyone’s responsibility. The University of Delaware has adopted a training program to improve internal computer and information security. Secure UD training is a modular, comprehensive system that addresses topical issues in computer security. Training media is designed for all employees, so even non-expert users will benefit from the program.

You are a target. Information security is everyone’s responsibility.