New IBA Update Allows You Preview Your iBooks Directly.

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Great news from Apple this past week.  iBooks Author has been updated (2.1.1) and one of the more tedious editing tasks have been removed.  You can now preview your work inside the IBA desktop application.  There is no longer a need to attach an iPad to the computer to preview your work in process. The […]

Keynote Prerecorded Audio

At this point in time  the Keynote Widget in IBA can not import the audio portion of  narration Keynote presentation.  You will get the slides just fine, but they will be silent. There is a work around for this.  You have the option to export your narrated presentation as a Quicktime video and use the […]


Using Grids in iBook Author

If you’re use to doing your page design layouts using grids, I am sure you’ve missed them in iBA.  I found a web site that has made a nice set of grids that you can download and apply to your templates. The site even includes the instructions on how to apply them. You will have […]


Creating Your Own Widgets for iBA

I thought I would add this RemObjects Blogs post about creating Interactive Widgets for iBA and the iPad.  It is a 4 part series with lots of scripting information and links to all the stuff you’ll need to make your own widgets.  I know this resource will not be needed by everyone, but thought I […]

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How To Embed GeoGebra Interactive Widgets Into Your iBook

The International GeoGebra Institute offers a free mathematics software package called GeoGebra. It’s used for creating interactive algebra learning modules for elementary through university level students. You can go to their website and download the free software to give it whirl and see if it works for you.  You’re also encouraged to become part of their international learning […]

Proper Image Sizes and Formats


  Working with images It is important to note that the iBookstore will only accept books up to 2.0 GB for publication. You can distribute larger books for free through other channels. In general it is best to keep the size down for best results and to avoid performance issues. A good practice is to […]

Bookry Widgets


Create amazing multi-touch eBooks with widgets form Bookry is a complimentary service for iBooks Author that lets you add amazing widgets to your books and interact with readers. As an author you can benefit from other great features like free templates, widget analytics and push updates. As a reader, you have easy access to all […]

Animated Widgets In iBooks Author


Ok so you have decided you want to have and animation in our iBook. You can create animated widgets to your iBooks but you will need to make them in HTML5. These files are usually used for webpage animations, but can be converted to a widget format for iBooks. Lucky for us there are a […]

iBooks Author Basics Videos


Here are some nice video overviews for iBooks Author.  They are not too long, longest being just under an hour. They are very clear, and cover all the important need-to-know parts of iBook Author. Dr. Jeremy Kemp. SJSU School of Library & Information Science (15 mins):   Jeff Batt of Kinetic Media (1 hour): […]

iBook 2 Update – Expanded File Formats!!


  What’s new in iBooks Author 2.0 Snagged this right from the Apple What’s New page.  Good stuff in here for some of you.  Lots more file formats are supported including more video and audio formats, a few more widgets, LaTeX and MathML math expressions and more templates to name just a few.  See below […]

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