“Don’t blink.” A line from Doctor Who, stamped across t-shirts and quoted religiously by fans everywhere.


“Blink and you’ll miss it.” A tried and true saying one particular friend of mine uses on any occasion she can find.


“The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye; the story of love is hello, goodbye.” A Jimi Hendrix line: one that suddenly seems all too relevant as I find myself down to the single digits of the remainder of my summer vacation.


I don’t understand. I’m a Whovian, a quoter of old sayings, and a music lover. I heard the warnings. Summer seemed to be sidling leisurely across my calendar pages, spent reading and sipping iced coffees… But somehow, I must have managed to blink, because the past three months have sprinted by at almost breakneck speed. I think I see Hendrix’s point, because I seem to recall a post earlier this year about how quickly it seemed my college career overall was going, only to find myself halfway through it. More recently (say, last week recently?), I blogged about turning twenty, and how two decades could pass so quickly without my noticing.


It seems I’ve been doing more blinking than I thought.


So, in an effort to retrospectively slow down (Time Lady, remember? The ability to slow down or speed up time comes with the fabulous wardrobe and the little blue box), this post will be a sort of highlights reel of the summer. We’ll also all be on the same page when we’re all back on campus in less than two weeks!


From the end of classes until mid-June was a glorious block of time, which consisted mainly of lounging around on various, comfy surfaces in my house, catching up on my shows and my blogs and everything I’d neglected at the end of the semester. I honestly would not underrate this time at all; to say I was whipped past the point of cream by the end of last semester would be generous. Then, I started interning with Cambridge five days a week; I gave my weekends to my other job: cashiering at Staples during back to school season.


I’m beginning to understand why those six weeks in particular are a blur.


Throw in learning how to Snapchat like a professional (thanks to siblings Allie and Christopher) and preparing for choir auditions (happening on the day I return to campus), and you’ve pretty much got my summer. Oh, and turning twenty. Best not to leave that out.


One night in particular, though, is sticking out in my memory, and upon which I’m going to base the upcoming semester: a late evening at Applebee’s with the ladies from my Girl Scout troop. People I’ve grown up with and still love to bits.

An Applebees reunion with some the above described Girl Scouts- all grown up!

An Applebees reunion with the above described Girl Scouts- all grown up!


This semester, it’s all about the Girl Scout life: be your best and stay focused, but remember to keep up with the people you love.


And don’t forget the cookies.


See you on campus!

~Claire Davanzo