Happy summer!  Whether you’re teaching a summer course, catching up on research, or watching the World Cup, I hope you’re enjoying the sunny weather on this beautiful campus.


The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is an organization, sponsored by the Office of Graduate and Professional Education, which provides advocacy on behalf of and social and professional programming for graduate students at the University of Delaware. The GSG hosts a number of events throughout the year to bring students together and foster a sense of community, with a family picnic and cook out at White Clay Creek State Park on Friday, July 18 and a Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball game on Friday, August 15.  A complete list of activities is linked here.


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Every graduate student is represented in the GSG by a senator from his/her academic program, and every graduate student is welcome to participate in all GSG meetings and events. In fact, every graduate student is already a member of GSG! I encourage you to visit one of our meetings on the second Thursday of each month in 127 Memorial Hall, or consider getting involved with program planning or advocacy on one of the GSG committees.


Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help you get involved with the GSG or if I can answer any questions or concerns you have.


Chris Castillo
GSG President

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