Submitted by Kristen Dempsey on the 2012 spring semester program in London, England…


The first week of classes began, and we all anxiously rode to the CAPA center on Monday morning to await our first class. The whole week was an interesting mixture of field trips and class lectures, both of which had great merit! I really enjoyed all of my classes especially when we went on field trips to explore what we had been talking about in class.

Sheep at Stonehenge by Kristen Dempsey

A great thing that happened this weekend was Stonehenge and Bath! Both were incredible. Although it was extremely windy, Stonehenge was worth standing outside to contemplate the mysteries of the boulders and their shapes. What was also cool to see was all the sheep surrounding the rocks. There had to have been hundreds just eating the grass around us. They were so cute, and calm. I love going to the countryside and seeing all the wildlife and beauty it has to offer.

Stonehenge by Kristen Dempsey


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