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Welcome to GIS at UD!

UD community members have been working with GIS for over 25 years.  Today, GIS is used in some way in most colleges and departments on campus. Support for GIS at UD is sponsored by units in the Library and Information Technologies.

News & Events

October UD-GIS Coffee Hour meeting

UD-GIS Coffee Hour meeting is on October 11, 2016 10-11:30am, 304 Pearson Hall (Studio C). Come to the meeting where we talk about – GIS! It’s a great way to collaborate and meet other GIS users on campus. Naomi Bates (DGS) will deliver a presentation on LiDAR data (details below). Please contact if you would like to attend via video conferencing.

Coffee, donuts and bagels will be provided.

Topic: Delaware LiDAR Data, Derivatives, and Applications
Description: Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is an active remote sensing technique using pules of light to measure distance to a surface. In early 2014, topographic LiDAR was collected for the entire state of Delaware, and from these data, a seamless, statewide 1-meter, hydro-flattened, bare earth digital elevation model (DEM) was produced. This presentation will include an introduction to LiDAR data and include examples of point cloud data, DEM analysis, and discussion of LiDAR derived data products and applications.

– Technical presentation (Naomi Bates)
– GIS Day at the University of Delaware (Nov 16)
– Esri e-Learning (new and improved access)
– Esri product licensing at UD
– Upcoming GIS workshops on campus
– Round table discussion

Important changes to Esri ArcGIS licensing at UD

 2016-09-15_1334_agd_snapshot 2016-09-15_1336_agol_snapshot 2016-09-15_1337_arcgispro

Beginning January 2017 there will be a new ArcGIS Desktop License Server. If you are connected to the old license server your software will no longer function. To avoid any interruption in service submit the “Request for Service – IT Software Licenses” webform and new license information will be sent.


University of Delaware has an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Esri, renewed annually. UD IT pays for the Esri ELA and requires individuals to pay a fee to recover costs. The software is FREE to all UD students not on grant-funded projects. All remaining users at UD split the cost of the ELA.

The number of paid users has decreased each year, therefore the cost has slowly increased.

I realize sometimes it’s not easy to remember to pay for an annual maintenance when the software keeps on working. Currently all Esri installs are UD network-based and connect to our central license server. The central license server is updated annually and the software continues to work without a prompt to renew.

In order to be fair to the paying clients and to avoid future price increases, UD IT has decided to move to a stand alone (aka single use) license model for paying clients (except for labs).

This model means you don’t need to be connected to UD network or Internet for the software to function. However, the software will prompt you to load a new license file in August (takes less than 3 minutes). A single seat will allow you to have ArcGIS Desktop loaded on your work PC and on your laptop (must request 2 provisioning files) as long as both are not used concurrently. A new provisioning file will be sent to you once the software payment is processed.

During the 2015-16 academic year, the price for one seat of Esri Bundle (inc. ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online) was $185. The price will remain the same this year hoping we’ll be able to recover the cost or better yet – increase the number of sold seats and lower the price next year. All Esri licenses are annual and expire Aug 31.

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