Upcoming UD GIS Coffee Hour Meeting

Presentation: New ArcGIS apps: ArcGIS Pro and Insights for ArcGIS, Geri Miller, Esri (Philadelphia, PA)

Date: Tue October 10, 2017  |  Time: 10:00 to 11:30 am
Location: Pearson Hall, room 304 studio C

Welcome to GIS at UD!

UD community members have been working with GIS for over 25 years.  Today, GIS is used in some way in most colleges and departments on campus. Support for GIS at UD is sponsored by units in the Library and Information Technologies.

News & Events

Beginner workshop for teachers and other educators to use free online mapping

Please share this information with any and all K-12 educators that would like to learn more on how they can easily implement geospatial learning into their classroom. It is a great tool to connect with their visual learners! The workshop on July 25-26 is offered at University of Delaware Main Campus (Smith 040)!


$120 Stipend will be provided to Delaware teachers and this workshop provides 12 hours of professional development.  Lunch and refreshments are included.

Registration forms and additional information can be found at:  http://www.mygeoworld.org/2017-gis-connected-summer-workshop/


Beginner Level Workshop for Teachers and Other Educators to use FREE Online Mapping to reveal patterns and enhance the understanding of topics such as community issues, watersheds, natural hazards, international treaty borders, migration paths and many more.


This workshop will provide hands-on activities designed to introduce you to ArcGIS Online; a FREE online Mapping software.  Online mapping can be a powerful tool to help students visualize an issue and determine the data needed to solve a problem and analyze possible outcomes. You can use this mapping software as a tool to learn about; communities, history, business, climate, economic development, the environment, public health and a wide range of STEM and Social Studies curriculum topics. An understanding of spatial thinking using geo-spatial technologies can be an important component of a student’s learning. The workshop will provide you with the skills to bring EASY TO USE ONLINE Mapping software to your students and colleagues along with related APPS and Story Maps.


The workshop will be offered twice. Register for the location that is convenient for you.


July 25 & 26 – Newark, DE – University of Delaware 040 Smith Hall


August 1 & 2 – Georgetown, DE – Sussex County Training Center

June 13: GIS Coffee Hour

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 from 10:00 to 11:30 am in Pearson Hall room 304 (Studio C) Noemi Mendez, Data Dissemination Specialist U.S. Census Bureau, will give a presentation titled Census Bureau: The Other Nine Years. More specifically Noemi will address the data and resources available on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website. This meeting is open to all (students are welcome!).

Other topics that will be covered at this meeting include

  • Esri license server 2017-2018
  • Roundtable

Contact Olena Smith (olena@udel.edu) if you would like to join the meeting via telephone/video conferencing.

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided!

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