Upcoming UD GIS Coffee Hour Meeting

GPS to Support Next Genertion Travel Surveys

Date: Tue Aug. 8, 2017
10:45 – 12:10 pm
Location: Pearson Hall, room 304

Welcome to GIS at UD!

UD community members have been working with GIS for over 25 years.  Today, GIS is used in some way in most colleges and departments on campus. Support for GIS at UD is sponsored by units in the Library and Information Technologies.

News & Events

2017 Esri UC Student Assistantship Application DUE April 7, 17

Would you like to be part of the world’s largest GIS conference? It’s time to apply for an assistantship.
Location: San Diego, CA
Dates: July 7-14, 2017
Application Due Date: April 7, 2017

ArcGIS Online is experiencing issues and is currently UNAVAILABLE

ArcGIS Online, cloud-based mapping platform, is currently down due to the Amazon S3 US East 1 servers outage. This impacts ALL your work related to and stored on ArcGIS.com as well as our UD Campus Map, which will be unavailable until ArcGIS Online services are restored.
For updates visit, please visit http://status.arcgis.com/
Esri is aware of the issues and diligently working on fixing the issues since 12:40pm EST.

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