Upcoming UD GIS Coffee Hour Meeting:

  • June 13: Census Bureau: The Other Nine Years, presented by Noemi Mendez (Census)
    Time: 10:00-11:30 PM
    Location: Pearson Hall, room 304 (Studio C)

Welcome to GIS at UD!

UD community members have been working with GIS for over 25 years.  Today, GIS is used in some way in most colleges and departments on campus. Support for GIS at UD is sponsored by units in the Library and Information Technologies.

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ArcGIS Online is experiencing issues and is currently UNAVAILABLE

ArcGIS Online, cloud-based mapping platform, is currently down due to the Amazon S3 US East 1 servers outage. This impacts ALL your work related to and stored on ArcGIS.com as well as our UD Campus Map, which will be unavailable until ArcGIS Online services are restored.
For updates visit, please visit http://status.arcgis.com/
Esri is aware of the issues and diligently working on fixing the issues since 12:40pm EST.

February 14: GIS Coffee Hour

On Tuesday, February 14, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Pearson Hall room 311 (Studio A) John Stevenson (UD Library) will speak about PolicyMap, a cloud based data and mapping platform that facilitates the analyses of data and quickly displays it in maps, tables, charts and reports.  PolicyMap enables users to create maps and provides access to more than 37,000 indicators related to demographics, income/spending, housing, lending, quality of life, economy, education, health, jobs, crime, and education.  Data is available across a wide range of geographies, including address, block groups, census tract, zip code, county, city, state, MSA, as well as school districts, HUD neighborhoods,  and political boundaries.  Stevenson will demonstrate how new features, such as “create account” and “download data”, make PolicyMap ideal for class use.
Other topics:
– Esri License Server update
– Esri User Conference passes (July 10-14, 2017 San Diego)
– Round table
Please contact Olena (olena@udel.edu) if you would like to join via telephone/video conferencing
Coffee and donuts will be provided.

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