The University of Delaware GIS Community

UD community members have been working with GIS for over 25 years.  Today, GIS is used in some way in most colleges and departments on campus.  Here are some of the departments and centers using GIS; places with particular expertise are listed in bold.


  • Information Technologies
  • University Libraries
Academic Departments
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Economics and Statistics
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Geography
  • Plant & Soil Science
  • Political Sci & Int Relations
  • School of Marine Science & Policy
  • Geological Sciences
  • Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
  • School of Public Policy & Administration
Research Centers
  • Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research
  • Center for Drug and Health Studies
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Center for Historic Architecture and Design
  • Center for Remote Sensing
  • Cooperative Extension Service
  • Delaware Environmental Insitute
  • Delaware Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Center
  • Delaware Environmental Observing System
  • Delaware Center for Transportation
  • Delaware Geological Survey
  • Disaster Research Center
  • Institute for Public Admin
  • Institute of Energy Conversion
  • Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center

Why ArcGIS?  What about Open Source?  Can UD Map be brought into various APIs?

Q's & A's around the state of GIS at UD