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External Relations

Social Media Use Policy

Section: External Relations Policies
Policy Name: Social Media Use Policy
Policy Owner: Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
Responsible University Office: Office of Communications and Public Affairs
Origination Date: October 23, 2008
Revisions: April 10, 2009; May 27, 2010
Legacy Policy Number: 1-25
  1. PurposeOnline communities and social media represent potentially valuable resources for University of Delaware faculty and staff in performing their job duties. University employees are encouraged, when appropriate, to take advantage of the wide variety of social media tools available to them.
    1. As is true in other, traditional media, when participating in online communities and social media as part of their job duties, employees must comply with university policies and guidelines. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:
      1. Legacy Policy 1-14: Responsible Computing at the University of Delaware
      2. Legacy Policy 1-15: Information Security Policy
      3. Legacy Policy 1-16: Employee Use of Computing Resources for Home Pages
      4. Legacy Policy 1-18: Electronic Mail Management and Retention
      5. Legacy Policy 1-19: Employees’ Use of E-Communications
      6. Legacy Policy 1-20: Wireless Computing at the University of Delaware
      7. Legacy Policy 1-21: University-Wide Electronic Mailing Lists
    2. If blogs hosted by UD have the reader Comments feature enabled, the blogger should employ spam-blocking tools, monitor the comments, and manage offensive users. If the blog is assigned student work, the faculty member in charge should monitor the comments.
    3. If social media sites such as blogs represent a program or service of the University, the blogger should use correct logos and images, available as follows:
      1. UD’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs
      2. Official UD Colors
      3. Official College Colors
      4. UD Licensing and Trademark policies
      5. UD Trademarks
      6. UD Web Standards
    4. Personal sites or blogs should clearly reflect the fact that they represent the thoughts and ideas of the individual blogger, not the University of Delaware; for example: “The views expressed on this (blog, website) are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Delaware.”