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Human Resources

Professional Consultation

Section: Human Resources Policies
Policy Name: Professional Consultation
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: 1997
Legacy Policy Number: 4-84
  1. POLICYThe first duty and responsibility of the professional employee is to render to the University the most effective service possible. At the same time, consultation and other activities of a highly professional nature are looked upon favorably and encouraged where these activities make a positive contribution to the University. No outside service or enterprise, professional or other, should be undertaken that might interfere with the discharge of this prime responsibility or bring the professional employee, as an expert or in any other capacity, into conflict with the interests of the University.

    The University will assume no responsibility for private professional services rendered by professional employees, and it must be made clear to any client that the work has no official connection with the University.

    A professional employee must keep the appropriate administrator fully informed on the nature and extent of all arrangements that involve outside professional service. Approval for consultation occurring during working hours must be obtained from the professional employee’s department head, director or administrator concerned who has the discretion to deny the request, according to the needs of the department. Professional employees such as scientists, physicians and psychologists who request approval for outside consultation on a regular basis are required to make specific arrangements with the University as to their consultation activities.

    University facilities or equipment may be used for outside consulting activity only after written approval has been obtained from the appropriate administrator concerned and the person responsible for operating the facility or equipment. In all cases, the consultant will pay a rate established by the University for the use of the facility or equipment.

    The University Patent Policy must be made known by the professional employee to any outside employer before a commitment for consulting services is made.

    Under no circumstances may this policy on consultation supersede, abrogate or nullify formal Department/College policies, practices or contractual provisions concerning specific consultation activities involved with governmental agencies, public services and/or other designated situations.

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