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Athletics - Vehicle Insurance Allowance Policy

Section: Human Resources Policies
Policy Name: Athletics – Vehicle Insurance Allowance Policy
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: March 2011
Legacy Policy Number: 4-113
  1. IntentEffective July 1, 2011, it is the intention of the University of Delaware to provide a vehicle allowance and a vehicle insurance allowance for certain Athletics’ coaches described below, who, in the normal course of their assigned duties, routinely require the use of a vehicle for business purposes. Commuting to and from work is not considered a business purpose, nor is it considered a justification for vehicle and insurance allowances.
  2. Current Use of University of Delaware Owned CarsThe University of Delaware currently has coaches who are allocated a company vehicle to use for company business, as well as for personal purposes. As these vehicles are retired, no additional company vehicles will be provided. If a coach, falls within the scope of this policy and requires use of a vehicle, he/she will be moved to the vehicle and insurance allowances described below.
  3. Vehicle and Vehicle Insurance Allowance Policy
    1. It is the University of Delaware’s policy to allow coaches that routinely require a vehicle for business purposes to receive the following allowances per calendar year:
      1. Head Coaches – $5,000 vehicle allowance; $850 insurance allowance
      2. Assistant Coaches – $4,000 vehicle allowance; $750 insurance allowance
    2. All Head Coaches will receive the above-described allowances. Assistant Coaches may receive the above-described allowance at the discretion of the Athletic Director. In determining the Assistant Coaches selected for receipt of such allowance, gender equity issues, recruiting needs and business purposes will be considered, as appropriate.
    3. These allowances will be prorated for any mid-year hires. The vehicle and insurance allowances are a taxable benefit under Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The allowances will be allocated monthly and paid along with the employee’s salary with appropriate taxes withheld at the time of payment. If the employee loses his/her driver’s license, all vehicle and insurance allowances will be discontinued immediately.
    4. The eligibility, vehicle and vehicle insurance allowance amounts will be reviewed annually by the Athletic Director and Vice President for Finance and Administration and shall be adjusted as necessary. The vehicle and insurance allowances may be discontinued at the discretion of the University of Delaware with sufficient notice to the involved parties.
  4. Conditions of Eligibility and Procedures
    1. University of Delaware Athletics’ coach who receive vehicle and insurance allowances must have a JED prepared to include the vehicle allowance (CAS) and insurance allowance (CAI).
    2. Provision of a vehicle and insurance allowance is subject to the employee holding and continuing to hold a current, valid driver’s license.
    3. The vehicle will be the sole property of the employee and all responsibility for fines and accidents rests with the employee.

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