Defining ePortfolio

“Higher education still has not embraced the potential of eportfolios to serve as the basis for a re-thinking of an institution’s approach to learning.” Trent Batson

Check out Trent Batson’s recent blog posting: Defining “ePortfolio”: Four Ways of Seeing an ePortfolio. He talks about the four contexts in which ePortfolio have significance.

  1. Learning
  2. Institutional assessment
  3. Technology in education
  4. Culture and economy

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A new site for ePortfolio Resources and Research

The University of DE participated in a three-year collaboration with 23 other institutions culminating in a new site for ePortfolio resources and research, the Catalyst for Learning site. I hope you will take some time to look at this new resource. I am particularly excited to share the work UD did in this project, especially our student contributions. Please visit the “Our Student Voices” section and, in particular, the wonderful student ePortfolios submitted from our […] more

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Suggestions for free online photo editors

How do I size my picture so that I can use it as a header on all my pages? Can I crop just part of the image I want to use in my site? Many students are unfamiliar with free image-editing software that would allow them to create banners, logos or header images, and make modifications to other pictures they might want to include in their ePortfolios. Listed below are some suggestions for free online […] more

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Employers show more interest in ePortfolios

Students who are investing time in preparing a presentation-style career ePortfolio are wondering, “Are employers really going to look at my ePortfolio?” From what I have read and seen, this seems to vary from discipline to discipline. There is a real need for more data in this area. I thought I would share the findings of two recent reports. In a recent Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) study, “It Takes More Than A […] more

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Relevance of ePortfolios today

A recent post on the EmergingEdTech site, “Are ePortfolios Still Relevant for Today’s Students?” stated that “ePortfolios Never Went Away—They Just Became Standard Practice.” Included in this post are suggestions for content that should be included in an academic portfolio as well as a career portfolio. Also, the post makes several suggestions for how to keep current with changing times. I have highlighted several below: Think hard about the organization, appearance and general layout of […] more

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