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The Perry Initiative

“It completely changed my life,” reflected Sony (Srinivasa) Gajjala on her opportunity to participate in the Perry Initiative as a tenth grader at the Charter School of Wilmington.  “When I thought back to the exact moment when I started becoming interested in engineering, I was like oh duh… it was when I did Perry.”   […]

Women’s Empowerment Project

RSOs around UD join together for an important cause: empowering women The Community Engagement Initiative’s student intern Jasmina Chatani is our guest writer this week. She will offer her perspective on the topic of women’s empowerment as a college-aged woman. Jasmina attended the Women’s Empowerment Project on Monday, November 7, which was hosted by several […]

Step by Step

UD Professor and students develop instructional strategies for adults living with intellectual disabilities. While many of us were spending our summers sun bathing at Delaware’s finest beaches, Dr. Iva Obrusnikova was developing new techniques in the field of exercise and disabilities. As director of the Health, Physical Activity, and Disability Clinic, her current work focuses […]

Just a farm? Think again!

This local urban farm is creating ‘Bright Spots’ in the lives of Wilmington youth. Fresh tomatoes… blackberries… corn… eggplant… one of the best parts about summer is the fresh local produce and farmers’ markets. Yet, with all the produce that Delaware farms grow, access to local produce isn’t as bountiful. Consider the City of Wilmington. […]

Creating a Healthy Wilmington, Together

Service-Learning Scholars Alexa Meinhardt and Jackie Natalone worked diligently to wrap their minds around all of the factors that contribute to current health conditions in Wilmington and Claymont. Cancer rates, economic mobility, educational opportunities, food quality and availability, infant mortality, incidences of crime, neighborhood environment, smoking rates, walkability—the list goes on and on. Healthy Neighborhoods […]

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