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Community Engagement Initiative Status Report

  In February 2016, Provost Grasso announced the inception of the Community Engagement Initiative. One year later, we are pleased to share what we have accomplished in our first Status Report.

Looking Back on 2016

My, what a big year 2016 was for the Community Engagement Initiative! In February, Provost Grasso appointed Dan Rich & Lynnette Overby to lead the Initiative, the Office of Service Learning was moved to the Community Engagement Initiative (led by Susan Serra), and an administrative coordinator was hired (yours truly, Valerie Lane). While the number […]

Preserving Our Past

Delaware alumni foster art conservation programming for children. One of the things that struck me most about living in a college town during undergrad was a collective love of art. It felt like everywhere I turned there was music, fine art, or performances happening year round, both on campus and in the community. Specifically, every […]

The Perry Initiative

“It completely changed my life,” reflected Sony (Srinivasa) Gajjala on her opportunity to participate in the Perry Initiative as a tenth grader at the Charter School of Wilmington.  “When I thought back to the exact moment when I started becoming interested in engineering, I was like oh duh… it was when I did Perry.”   […]

Women’s Empowerment Project

RSOs around UD join together for an important cause: empowering women The Community Engagement Initiative’s student intern Jasmina Chatani is our guest writer this week. She will offer her perspective on the topic of women’s empowerment as a college-aged woman. Jasmina attended the Women’s Empowerment Project on Monday, November 7, which was hosted by several […]

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