How to Enroll your Child in School

Age requirement

Your child must be 5 years old on or before August 31. Remember, in the US, children are zero (0) years old the day they are born.


If you live in the area around the University of Delaware:

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For Spanish speakers: If your young child speaks Spanish: Wilson Elementary and Las Americas ASPIRA Academy have Spanish bilingual programs.

To see the websites of the Christina School District and its schools,

Find the correct school for your area

To find the correct school for your area, please see this website. Be sure to use your address in the USA.

Register your child

  • Go to the correct school for your area in order to register your child.
  • Tell the school office you want your child to have special ESL support. If your child’s elementary school is not already West Park Place, he/she will be moved to West Park Place, (or to Wilson for Spanish speakers).
  • Bring the required documents (click here for more information).


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