Shopping for Food in Newark

family site - dad with baby halloween apple

A student’s son enjoying an apple at the ELI picnic

There are many places in Newark where you can buy groceries (food) for your family. Here are some suggestions:

Large grocery stores

Large grocery stores are good places to buy many different kinds of food, medicine, and other household items and supplies.

  • ACME Market
    Address: 100 Suburban Drive, Newark, DE 19711 (Suburban Plaza, near Christina Mill, Studio Green, and West Knoll apartments)
    Phone: 302-998-4465
  • Pathmark
    Address: 100 College Square, Newark, DE 19711-5484 (College Square, near the K-Mart and the Newark Library)
    Phone: 302-737-2066

Specialty stores

family site - shopping for food

Juicy, fresh watermelon at the ELI picnic

Specialty stores are good places to buy food and items that are not easily found in the large grocery stores. Most often, you can find many types of international food, organic food, and locally grown food in these stores.


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