PreMBA Overview

Prepare for success at the MBA level

Our PreMBA program helps international students to be admitted to US graduate programs by offering the following services:

  • GMAT preparation
  • Admissions interview training
  • GMAT and application essay writing development
  • Assistance in identifying MBA programs that match your professional goals and academic profile
  • Cooperation with MBA programs that offer conditional admission.

To help ensure your success once you gain admissions, our PreMBA program provides:

  • Training in case study analysis
  • Development of effective oral presentation and seminar intercultural communication skills
  • Development of critical reading and writing skills required for MBA programs
  • Exposure to economics, management, and finance vocabulary and concepts
  • Workshops and lectures by entrepreneurs and MBA faculty


Special Note: The PreMBA is a Level VI area of study within the Intensive English Program. PreMBA students must all have high advanced levels of English, as measured by the ELI’s placement test. Students who take the placement test and are placed below Level VI will be expected to take courses within the Intensive English Program until they reach Level VI, at which time they can begin their Pre-MBA curriculum.

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