English Requirements for Graduate CAP – General Track

Before beginning their regular university coursework for their graduate (Masters or Doctoral) degree, CAP students must first satisfy certain English language and pre-academic requirements by studying at the ELI.

Special note: This page contains information about the requirements that graduate-level CAP (“grad-CAP”) students must meet in order to complete their ESL requirements and matriculate into full-time university study.

Grad-CAP students who follow the Business Track (ex: students in the MBA or in most other graduate Business programs) should click here to learn more about the requirements that are specific for their program.

If you are not sure which requirements that you need to meet in the CAP program, please contact the CAP Academic Advisement team at CAPadvisor@udel.edu.

CAP students must meet requirements in several categories, including:

All of these requirements must be met in the CAP students’ final session in order for them to begin their full-time university coursework.

Resources for students

Many resources are made available at the ELI to help students to understand and to achieve the objectives of the program.

Current students can visit our CAP Student Center, located online in our Current Student Portal to learn more.

Students may also make an appointment with one of the CAP advisors for further assistance:

Course and Grade Requirements

Grad-CAP students in the General Track must achieve the following grades in their Level VI Academic English courses:

Academic English Courses
Level VI
Minimum Grade Required
Listening B+
Speaking B+
Reading B+
Writing B+
Grammar B+

Each of the above requirements must be met in the student’s final session.

Additional requirements from the graduate department

Besides the requirements listed above, graduate CAP students must satisfy any other objective required by their graduate program as part of their conditional admission.

Usually, these objectives include exam scores for the GRE or GMAT exams; however, there may be other requirements for your admission, as well.

To verify whether you have other requirements for your conditional admission, check the acceptance letter that you received from your graduate program and/or contact the graduate department that gave you the conditional admission. You may also contact the CAP Admissions Team at CAPadmissions@udel.edu.

Remember, the ELI offers a GMAT/GRE Preparation class for Graduate CAP students every session.

Final Essay

All students take an essay at the end of each session to assess their writing skills. CAP students must achieve a minimum of level 6.5 (out of a maximum score of 7) during their final session at ELI.

Effort Score

Students must also prove their readiness for university study through showing consistently strong effort in their courses. This is done via attendance, participation, and enthusiasm in their courses. CAP students must achieve an effort score of 1 (excellent) or 2 (satisfactory) in their courses during their final session at ELI.

CAP Cohort Engagement Score

CAP students are required to successfully complete the CAP Cohort program before beginning their university coursework. This is measured via the “engagement score”–a measure of the student’s successful participation in their cohort activities.

The engagement score is measured on a scale of 1 (emerging engagement) to 6 (exceeding engagement).

To successfully complete the CAP Cohort Program, CAP students must follow the “3-2-1 Policy:” A CAP student must be enrolled in Cohort for 3 sessions, earn an engagement score of six 2 times, and of the scores of 6 must be obtained while the student is in a Level VI class.

To complete Cohort with the second engagement score of 6 while in a Level VI class, students must also:

  • Have an effort score of 1 or 2 in their Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing courses;
  • Have an average score of 73% or higher in Listening/Speaking; and
  • Have an average score of 73% or higher in Reading/Writing.



CAP students are required to attend at least 85% of their classes.

  • In an 8-week session, CAP students cannot miss more than 12 classes.
  • In a 7-week session, CAP students cannot miss more than 10 classes.

Academic Honesty

CAP students must understand and follow UD’s academic honesty policies in order to be recommended for matriculation. All students receive instruction on this subject within the English for Academic Purposes courses at the ELI.

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