Eastern University

Eastern University is a prestigious Christian university that was founded in 1925.



Eastern University is located in the City of St. David’s, which is a suburb of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania.

  • 2 hours from New York City
  • 2.5 hours from Washington, DC
  • 30 minutes from downtown Philadelphia
  • 45 minutes from Newark, Delaware (the location of the University of Delaware)


Student population

Eastern University is home to 4,400 students who study in undergraduate and graduate programs.


Colleges and programs

Over 70 areas of study are available at the undergraduate level at Eastern University. This includes a focus on Arts, Sciences, Education and Business Administration. Eastern University is also home to many graduate programs, including Education, Leadership and Development, Management, Urban Studies, and Nursing.



Eastern University is currently ranked #94 among regional universities in the northern United States (US News and World Report, 2013).


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