Time Needed to Complete English Courses

We are often asked how long it takes for students to complete their English requirements before they can begin their regular full-time university courses.

The length of time required for enrollment in the ELI before beginning university coursework is different for each student. It depends on the student’s English skills when he or she arrives (i.e., more advanced students will require less time in the ELI).

Another factor that affects the student’s progress through our program is his or her willingness to work hard to improve his or her English skills, practicing all day, every day.

The ELI has seven (7) levels of English courses, where the lower levels are for beginners and Level VI is for the most advanced students. The table below shows the estimated periods of time that students will require in the ELI, depending on their initial placement.

Program Duration
Initial Level Estimated Program Duration
Level VI (High Advanced) 2-4 months
Level V (Advanced) 4-6 months
Level IV (High Intermediate) 6-8 months
Level III (Intermediate) 8-10 months
Level II (High Beginner) 10-14 months
Level I (Beginner) 12-16 months
BASIC (English fundamentals) 16-20 months

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