Program Features

Within the framework of the CAP Cohort Model, the ELI will continue to provide the high-quality ESL instruction that you have come to expect since the inception of the Conditional Admissions Program.

In addition, we have added several new components to the program, including:

  1. Faculty advisors and university student mentors
  2. Special “CAP Connect” course
  3. Focus on personal, academic, and team development
  4. Bridge program
  5. Team-building activities


Faculty advisors and university student mentors

Each cohort will be assigned a faculty advisor and an American student mentor who studies at the University of Delaware. The advisors and the mentors will assist the students with developing the knowledge and characteristics that are necessary for university success, including language skills, understanding the university’s culture, learning about university resources, and developing a passion for the learning process, among others.

Click here for additional information about the faculty advisors and student mentors.

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“CAP Connect” course

Students will spend several hours each week working on a series of progressively challenging academic, social, and service tasks that increasingly immerse the students into all dimensions of university life. These courses are given in collaboration with other departments at the University of Delaware (e.g., Admissions, Residential Life, Counseling, Office for International Students and Scholars, Academic Enrichment, etc.).

Click here to view a list of CAP Connect activities undertaken in the various phases of the program.

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Focus on personal, academic, and team development

Each cohort will focus on activities for self-development, academic development, and team development. The students will undertake tasks that will:

  1. Require more intensive, extensive, and sustained reading with the outcome of greater student ability to analyze and synthesize information both in written and oral forms with active discussion involvement;
  2. Develop their awareness of self, abilities, interests, future goals and possible pathways;
  3. Develop their leadership and conflict management skills while experiencing cooperative learning and living with others;
  4. Create active, purposeful connections with the members of the university community, academic services, advisors, and professors;
  5. Create ELI partnerships across the campus and larger community of Newark and Delaware.

To develop these skills, the CAP Cohort Model is undertaken in three phases. Please click here to learn more.

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Bridge program

Students who complete at least one of their requirements (ex: Listening/Speaking or Reading/Writing) may apply to take a university course for one semester for credit while they are completing their final English requirements.

Bridge students enroll in a semester-long multicultural/breadth (i.e., general education) course. While taking the university course, they receive weekly academic support from special Bridge tutors.

Additional requirements and costs apply.

Bridge program requirements


On-line Application Completed by deadline
GPA-ELI courses 3.0 or higher (out of 4.0)
Effort Score 1-1.5
Teacher Recommendation Highly recommended
Interview 2 or 3 (out of  3)


Program cost

Bridge  students pay a special semester-long tuition rate for their final ELI course and for Bridge support. In addition, Bridge students are required to pay the university’s tuition rate for each credit of the university course.

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Team-building activities

Developing strong bonds between members of each cohort is of critical importance for this program. In order to help the students to begin that process, the ELI organizes an initial weekend getaway (i.e., a retreat) during the students’ first session of study. This retreat will focus on team-building activities, helping the members of the cohort to get to know each other and to learn to support and encourage one another.

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