Faculty Advisors and Student Mentors

Each cohort in the Conditional Admissions Program (CAP) is assigned a faculty advisor and a student mentor. They will assist the students with developing the knowledge and characteristics that are necessary for university success–beyond language skills–such as:

  • Developing an attitude that values the learning process as much as the learning product (grades, diploma)
  • Building meaningful cross-cultural relationships
  • Understanding the university’s institutional culture
  • Using the university’s resources creatively and effectively
  • Learning different facets of being a leader
  • Developing a passion for volunteerism through service learning activities

Mentors help students with learning beyond the classroom environment. They will lead students through a series of progressively challenging academic, social, and service activities that increasingly immerse the students into all dimensions of university life. For example, cohort members and their American mentor will join clubs, do community service, and discuss the content of interesting books together. They will develop close relationships that will become an important part of the CAP students’ educational experience.


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