International Culture Club

ICC is a great way to meet new people!

Do you want to meet American students, practice your English skills, and learn more about American culture? Do you want to spread knowledge of your own language and culture to American students?

The University of Delaware has many clubs on campus that ELI students can join. One of them is the International Culture Club (ICC).

The goal for this club is to connect UD students with you, our ELI students, as a way to spread culture and language and to bring diversity to the university. There are many students at the University who also want to meet and get to know ELI students, practice their foreign languages skills, and learn about your culture.

The club meets at least once or twice a month to get feedback from members on how to improve the program, and to provide the opportunity to get together for conversation, food, and fun.

Some UD student members may even be studying your language, and you can help them, while they in turn can help you improve your English skills. You may find yourself not only practicing each other’s language, but also discovering new ideas about culture, music, current events, and campus life. Often this leads to the beginning of beautiful friendships.

Each month, the ICC hosts activities, events, and trips for ELI and UD members. These meetings and events give you the opportunity to get to know many UD students and will allow you the time to practice your language skills outside of a classroom setting.

If you are interested in participating in the program or if you have any questions, please e-mail the ICC at

ICC video

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