Intensive English Program (IEP) Online Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Intensive English Program. Please complete the form below to register for this program.

Remember to send all required documents and the payment of the application fee and express mail fee (US $135 total) immediately so that we can process your application.


Student Information

Enter the student's information exactly as it appears on his/her passport.

Applicants must be at least 17 years old. Please enter your date of birth in [mm/dd/yyyy] format (month, day, year).
Enter the country of the passport that the student will use to enter the USA.

Student Contact Information

Please enter the number in this format: ########## . Do NOT include special characters such as: '+' or '-' in between.
Agents: Failure to enter the student's email will result in the rejection of this application! The ELI will send all email messages about the admissions process to your email address (which you can enter in the "agent email" field below). You must enter the student's email here.

Visa Information

(for students who are already in the USA)

What kind of visa are you using while you are here in the USA?

Agent Information

I-20 Mailing Address

Where should we mail your I-20 form and Welcome Package?

All packages being sent to international destinations will be sent via a secure express mail service. Packages being sent to a US destination will be sent via FedEx.

Please enter the number in this format: ########## . Do NOT include special characters such as: '+' or '-' in between.

Session Dates

Select the date you wish to begin your studies.

Select the date you wish to end your studies.


For current prices (for tuition and fees), please visit our website.


Students cannot choose their housing type when they apply for admission to the ELI. Instead, they will complete a housing application that will come to them in the ELI Welcome Package (in the same envelope as the I-20 form).

Additional Information

Please select the option that best reflects your plans.

Image Release


The ELI sometimes uses images of its students in marketing communications and promotional materials in order to promote its programs and activities. This includes our brochures, website, and social media (ex: Facebook).

Pictures and videos of current students make it easier for future students to understand what life is like at the ELI.

Application Fee

The ELI requires an application fee (US $100) and an express mail fee ($35) for the mailing of the I-20 form.

These fees are due with your application. Your application will not be processed until we receive these fees.

Important information:

  • The application fee and the express mail fee are non-refundable.
  • You may pay the application and express mail fee with a credit card on the next page of this form by clicking the 'Submit' button below.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form to the ELI, the applicant is agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
Information about the application/registration:

  • I certify that the information that I am submitting via this application (and my supporting documents) is correct.
  • If I must cancel my registration I must notify the ELI in writing at as soon as possible.

Deferrals and Transfers:

  • I understand that the ELI will not defer (postpone) my start date more than 2 times. If I try to change my start date a third time the ELI will cancel my admission.
  • If I am transferring to the University of Delaware ELI from another school I am required to begin studying at the ELI in the first available session after I finish studying at my current school. If I do not begin studying in the first available session at the ELI the University of Delaware will give me a new "initial" I-20 and I will be required to obtain a new visa.
  • If I enter the United States using the University of Delaware's I-20 form and then I fail to enroll at the ELI (example: if I transfer to a different school without attending at least 1 session at the ELI) I will be charged a $300 Early Withdrawal Administration Fee.

Payment-related terms and refund information:

  • I am registering for this program and I am (and/or my sponsor is) responsible for paying all costs associated with the program.
  • I understand that I will not be eligible for a refund of my tuition deposit until I return my original I-20 form (or DS-2019 form) to the ELI.
  • I understand that the application fee and the express mail fee are not refundable.
  • I understand that fees paid for tuition and health insurance and health center fees are never refundable.

For students who will be sponsored by a company, organization, government, etc.:

  • I give the ELI permission to report my academic progress updates (including grades/transcripts and attendance and all other information to my sponsor (if applicable).


Enter your full name here as it appears on your passport.


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