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Watch the videos below to find out about all of the choices you have when you study at the ELI! Each video shows what it is like to live in Newark and study at the ELI.

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What do regular ELI students do?

Here’s a 1-minute look at the ELI.


Here’s a more detailed overview of regular ELI programs.


Every ELI student receives 2 hours of individual tutoring every week as part of their tuition fee!  Here’s a video about the tutoring program.


The ELI has many activities for all students to participate in outside of classes, including trips and events:

What do CAP Cohort Undergraduate students do?

Check out this video of the May 2014 Undergraduate CAP Cohort Retreat, where students go on a two-day retreat and bond with their cohorts and their American mentors through various activities:

What do CAP Cohort Graduate students do?

See what the Graduate CAP Cohort retreat and program is all about:

What do ELI students say?

Listen to what ELI students like about the ELI in this video.

Where do ELI students live?

ELI offers these 5 housing options.  Watch each video to see what it is like.


Homestay (Live with an American family!)


The Innternationale (Visiting scholar and graduate student housing)


Rittenhouse Living Learning Global Community (live with an American student!)


Studio Green Apartments (Live with a friend or your family)


West Knoll Apartments (Live with a friend or your family)


Click here to visit our Video Archive page to see more videos of alumni, events, faculty videos, and videos created by our students in the ELI Film class.

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