The ELI Main Building, 189 West Main Street

The English Language Institute (ELI) is housed on the University of Delaware campus and in several nearby annex buildings. In ELI buildings you will find classrooms, faculty and administrative offices, our state-of-the-art Self-Access Learning Center, and our Tutoring Center. Each classroom is equipped with wireless internet and a variety of multimedia technologies. All buildings are within easy walking distance of each other.

Each ELI student receives a University of Delaware ID card, as well as a University email account. With your ID card, you can access many University of Delaware facilities and services, including:

  • over 30 computing sites on campus where students can access the internet, check email, and complete classroom assignments,
  • UD’s Morris Library, at the center of campus, with nearly three million books and advanced state-of-the art technology for information retrieval,
  • 3 large, fully equipped gyms, two indoor ice-skating rinks (for use even in the summer), an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, and many soccer fields, basketball, and tennis courts,
  • a concert hall, two theaters, and a professional arts center with many artistic and cultural events,
  • dining halls and food courts located throughout campus, and
  • a free UD shuttle bus.
ELI builing, 318 South College Ave.

ELI builing, 318 South College Ave.


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