Welcome to the Office of Disability Support Services

Faculty Notification Emails

Please request your accommodations/ Faculty notification emails to be sent for Winter Session classes.  You can request accommodations/ Faculty notification emails for Spring semester now but they will not be sent until the first day of Spring session (February 5th).

Housing Deadlines

  • Returning Students – Due by February 28th.  If there are NO changes to the accommodations you previously requested, you ONLY need to complete page 2 “Student Section” of the Housing Accommodation Request Form.  If NEW accommodations are being requested, the “Housing Accommodation Request Form” will need to be completed by a doctor requesting the new/different accommodations.  Send the completed information by email to dssoffice@udel.edu or drop off in person to the DSS office.
  • Incoming Students – Due by June 1st.  Complete and submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form to the DSS office.

Test Accommodation Center- Winter Hours

The TAC will be available for testing to DSS students on an as needed basis.  We will only have proctors available when students are signed up to take a test.  Please make sure to sign up for all your Winter session tests as soon as possible, no less than 5 business days before the day of your test.

Hours are by appointment only; Monday- Friday, 8:00am -5:00pm.