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New Procedure for Fall 2016: DSS Student Accommodation Manager!

Beginning Fall 2016, students will be able to request faculty accommodation notification emails via the DSS Student Accommodation Manager (SAM) or by clicking on the SAM logo.   Students log in using their UD Student ID number and UD password to access their individualized page, which will house their accommodation information and enable them to access several of their accommodations from their computer. Beginning Fall, 2016, students will be required to log in to the DSS Student Accommodation Manager (SAM) EACH semester to request that emails be sent to their faculty notifying them about their accommodations.

If you are a new student requesting accommodations for the first time, please visit the How to Register – New Students page.

***If you registered with DSS over the summer 2016 (already submitted documentation and met with an accommodation coordinator), please follow the instructions for a RETURNING STUDENT to request your faculty accommodation notification emails.