INBRE Instructions

To apply, you will need to fill out our online form at the end of these instructions and email ONE PDF file of listed materials.

Be sure you have contacted a person for a letter of reference in advance. Once you have submitted your application, an email request will immediately be sent to the person you list as your reference. Be sure they know about your application and are willing to write you a letter of reference.

The name of the PDF file does not matter, but it MUST ALL BE IN A SINGLE PDF FILE. If you need help making PDF’s, you can use the following site:  If you need help merging your PDF files, you can use the following site:

Your PDF File will include

  1. Your personal essay.  It should be 1,000 words or less should describe:
    1. How your participation in an INBRE research internship will contribute to your future goals and career plans;
    2. Which area(s) of research are of interest to you; and
    3. How your background, including previous internship experience, has prepared you for this internship.
  2. Your Current résumé
  3. Your Academic Transcript (unofficial is allowed)

You must complete the online application and submit all application materials to be considered for a summer scholar placement.  Complete applications are due by MARCH 3, 2014 for UD Students.

Applicants are encouraged to learn about the faculty mentors doing research in their areas of interest and identify their top three choices for potential mentors in the application (see “Research Project Descriptions”).

To get help in finding a mentor, please read these helpful hints.

To Submit Your Application: FIRST fill out this form, THEN send your SINGLE PDF FILE to .  You will receive an automated email back from our system within the hour (you may need to check your spam folder if you do not see it).  This email address is handled by a machine: the subject and body of the message will not be read by a person, and may be left blank.

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