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The Diversity and Equity Commission was established in 2010 to monitor and guide institutional change toward a more diverse campus.  Reporting to the President, DEC is made up of appointed members who serve 2-3 year terms to represent UD broadly.  Each year, DEC focuses its activities and attention on specific areas of diversity and campus climate, but its overall role is to establish a forum for the collegial exchange of ideas about diversity and climate issues, to provide a recognized avenue for offering advice and counsel to the University community, and to assure that matters of diversity and climate on campus, particularly issues impacting those who have been historically excluded, are discussed.

2013 co-chairs Dr. Andersen and Dr. Shah, with Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor


Get Involved: Voices in Diversity

Commission members are appointed by the President and serve 1-3 year terms. Caucuses have open membership, and offer you the opportunity to network and dialogue with others, play a role in initiatives, and foster a diverse and inclusive work atmosphere. If you’re interested in joining a caucus (you may join more than one), click here!

See below for more information on specific caucuses.


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