Dark Arts will be holding 2 open classes on Monday, September 18th and September 19th at the Little Bob Activity RM 260.

Monday, September 17: Hip-hop Class at 8:30 

Wednesday, September 19th: Lyrical Class at 7pm

Please come to enjoy a fun workout, see what Dark Arts is about, and learn some new choreography! We would love to see you there, so bring your friends and spread the word! (:

Rhythm and Beats Fundraiser

Dark Arts Performing Dance Company presents Rhythm & Beats, a Hip-Hop dance convention featuring 3 famous dance choreographers who will each be teaching a hip-hop dance. This event is one you do NOT want to miss! Our guest choreographers include:

Stephanie Scull, who performed as a dancer in Beyonce’s “Run The World” music video, and in the Step Up 3 movie

KC Castellano, a finalist in BET’s “Born To Dance” television show & who also danced in Lady Gaga’s “You and I” music video

and Angela Cusumano, a member of the all girl dance crew “Venom”, which was featured in CBS’s “Live To Dance” television show.

Admission to this event is $5 for UD students & $7 for non-UD students.. FLEX is accepted as well!

We hope to see everyone come out to this event as it is a wonderful opportunity to learn fresh new hip-hop choreography and just let loose and have fun dancing!

Dark Arts

Auditions to be a part of our company is September 22.

From 11am to 4pm in the little bob, Activity room 260.

What we’re looking for:

Dancers who are hard working, dedicated & who are passionate about dancing!  Auditioners should come ready to learn 3 separate dances: a hip hop number, a jazz number, and a lyrical number.  Auditioners should also expect to show different skills such as leaps, kicks, jumps, etc. Make sure you come prepared with comfortable clothes, lots of water, and healthy snacks. If you own ballet slippers,  jazz shoes, or “foot undies” , you may wear any of those to the auditions.  Otherwise, you may also dance in bare feet, and we’ll wear sneakers for the hip hop dance, so bring a pair! Last but not least, please remember to bring a picture of yourself that we will collect from you at the beginning of auditions. Good luck!