Take the TOEFL Test

There are two types of TOEFL tests that you can take at the University of Delaware:

  1. The Institutional TOEFL
  2. The Internet-based TOEFL (IBT)


The Institutional TOEFL

The Institutional TOEFL is a paper-based test, and it can only be used for admission into the University of Delaware. The ELI administers this test.

How to register for the institutional TOEFL:

When it is time to register to take this exam, the ELI will send out an announcement through its weekly Orientation Express e-mail newsletter. The message will tell students how and where to register for the test. It costs $35. The test is always given at a location on the University of Delaware campus.


The Internet-based TOEFL (IBT)

This is the standard international TOEFL exam that students complete via the Internet. Students can use their IBT scores to apply for any university in the USA. This test is not administered by the ELI; instead, it is administered by the University of Delaware Testing Center.

The University Testing Center offers the IBT at least 2 times each month. Students will take the TOEFL at their location on Library Avenue until May 2013; beginning in June 2013, the University Testing Center will be moved back to Alison Hall, and students will take the TOEFL exam there.

How to register for the IBT:

  1. Visit the TOEFL website
  2. Follow the instructions on the website to take the TOEFL at the University of Delaware (search for the location of Newark, Delaware). You will also choose a date to take the exam.
  3. Pay the TOEFL registration fee on the TOEFL website with a credit card (it costs $180)


How to prepare for the TOEFL exam:

There are two important things that students can do to get a good TOEFL score:

  1. Improve your English skills. The basis of this test is to measure your English skills, so the most important thing you can do is to work hard to improve your English. This means that you should study hard in your ELI courses, do your homework and projects, utilize your tutoring and the resources of the SALC and the Listening Lab, and practice your English all the time!
  2. Study strategies for taking the TOEFL. The TOEFL is an exam, and it is important to learn the strategy for any exam that you must take. Sign up for the ELI TOEFL Preparation Course. This short course (5 hours per week) will help you because it focuses only on TOEFL practice and preparation.

Good luck to you!

Note for CAP students: Students in the Conditional Admissions Program cannot use a TOEFL score to enter the University of Delaware or any of our CAP partner colleges or universities.

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