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Here are some of the fun trips and activities that ELI will be offering in the coming months:

September 4 – Hike and Bike on the Newark Trails.  Join ELI teachers and faculty to explore beautiful Newark, DE’s $3 million hiking trail system.  Lisa Connor and Ken Hyde are organizing this event.

September 11 – NO CLASSES! Visit the capital city of the United States. Museums, monument, shopping, parks and other attractions make DC a great place to visit.  Mikki Washburn is organizing this event.

September 19 – Come with us to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Our visit will include an optional morning at the Amish House and Farm, learning about Amish culture in the Lancaster area.  For those who prefer to shop, we’ll spend the day at the Rockvale and Tanger Outlet malls.  The day will end with a ride home through rural Pennsylvania.  Ken Hyde will be organizing this event.

September 26 – Visit an American Farm and spend the evening in a corn maze!  Play flashlight tag with your friends and race to see who can get through the maze fastest.  The Courtyard features traditional Southern Pennsylvania food.  Amanda Strickland will be organizing this event.

October 3 – Take a trip to “Charm City” (Baltimore, MD) and visit the Inner Harbor area.  You can visit the famous National Aquarium, see historic Fort McHenry, or go on a harbor cruise.  Kendra Bradecich and Carolina Correa will be organizing this event.

Check back for some hints of what to expect in Session II!

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