UD HELPLINE 24/7/365, CALL 302-831-1001

Students can now call UD Helpline 24/7/365 and speak to a counselor anytime, day or night. To do so, call 302-831-1001. Parents, faculty, and staff may also call and consult if they have concerns about a student. You will be connected with a counselor who is familiar with our campus community and local resources. If you are calling to connect with an S.O.S Victim Advocate related to sexual misconduct, press prompt 1. If you are calling to connect with a Counselor, press prompt 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between calling the Center for Counseling and Student Development and calling the UD Helpline 24/7/365?
    CCSD is a UD office offering a variety of counseling services to students.  Return to our home page at http://sites.udel.edu/counseling/ for more information.  UD Helpline 24/7/365 is an extension of our services which is staffed by non-UD counselors who are familiar with our campus.  They are available by phone at all times for students who are hesitant or prefer not to make an appointment, and for students who need assistance when CCSD is closed.
  2. Is this only for emergencies?
    No! You can call UD Helpline 24/7/365 if you want support, even if you are not in crisis.
  3. Can I speak to a counselor on the phone, instead of coming to the Center for Counseling and Student Development?
    If you are hesitant to come to the Center for Counseling and Student Development, you can certainly call UD Helpline 24/7/365 for help. You will be able to find out whether counseling might be helpful for you, get answers to your questions and discuss any barriers getting in your way of seeking treatment. However, when you call UD Helpline 24/7/365, you will not necessarily speak to the same counselor every time. Thus, students are encouraged to use UD Helpline 24/7/365 as a supplement to treatment, not a replacement.
  4. Can I remain anonymous?
    Yes. Students will be asked to provide their name and student ID number; however, students can choose to remain anonymous if they prefer.
  5. My friend is in crisis. Can we call together?
    Yes! You are strongly encouraged to call UD Helpline 24/7/365. You can call together, or independently, depending on your preference. If this is an emergency situation, contact University Police at 911 from a campus phone, or call 302-831-2222 from a cell phone.
  6. I have a private therapist outside of the University. Can I still call UD Helpline 24/7/365?
    If you see a counselor outside of the Center for Counseling and Student Development, you are encouraged to contact your counselor directly. If you are unable to connect with your counselor during nights or weekends, you are welcome to call UD Helpline 24/7/365.
  7. If I have experienced a sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or partner violence, may I call the Helpline?
    Yes, you are encouraged to utilize this service. They are able to connect you with a UD S.O.S. Victim Advocate. Press prompt 1, when instructed to do so.