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Center for Counseling & Student Development (CCSD)

Welcome to the web site for the Center for Counseling and Student Development, the University of Delaware’s mental health facility. The Center’s programs are all designed to contribute to the personal, educational and career development of our students.


Please note: This Internet site is not designed to respond to personal concerns or emergencies. Please contact the Center in person or by phone (302-831-2141) or review Emergency Options for such concerns.


Affected by recent tragedies?

The recent shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, sandwiched by the shootings in Orlando and Dallas, have left many of us feeling scared, angry, and full of sorrow.  If you’re struggling with coping with these tragedies, please remember the basics of self care, including healthy sleep and eating patterns, exercise and leisure, and seeking support from friends and family.  Students are encouraged to contact our office for help in processing their reactions to these and similar events, and to work on coping.





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