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Welcome to the web site for the Center for Counseling and Student Development, the University of Delaware’s mental health facility. The Center’s programs are all designed to contribute to the personal, educational and career development of our students.

Please note: This Internet site is not designed to respond to personal concerns or emergencies. Please contact the Center in person or by phone (302-831-2141) or review Emergency Options for such concerns.


Many students are having reactions to recent events in the news (including most recently the murders at a church in South Carolina).

It is normal to have many different feelings (sadness, anger, powerlessness and an urge to help) in response to traumatic events.  People react in many valid and different ways and can experience difficutlies with concentration, sleep, or managing emotions.  These symptoms typically subside over time.

Here are some suggestions for coping:  be kind to yourself, reach out to family and friends, attend to your sleep and your eating, exercise and limit exposure to upsetting media coverage.

Please also know that you are welcome to seek support from CCSD.  Just call 831-2141 for an initial appointment.

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