2017 Speaker Abstracts

Keynote Speaker: Christian Eggeling, University of Oxford “New Insights into Membrane Organization from Advanced (Super-Resolution) Optical Microscopy”
Dr. Patrick Barth, Baylor College of Medicine “Reprogramming Membrane Protein Function by Design”
Dr. Aurelia Honerkamp-Smith, Lehigh University “Using Fluid Flow to Investigate Lipid Membranes”
Dr. Filippo Mancia, Columbia University “Structural Insights on Lipid Synthesis and Modification by Integral Membrane Enzymes”
Dr. James Olzmann, University of California, Berkeley “ER Protein Quality Control and Lipid Droplets: Unexpected Functional Connections”
Dr. Chad Rienstra, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign “New Solid-State NMR Methods for Lipids and Membrane Interactions”
Dr. Marcelo Sousa, University of Colorado at Boulder “Building a Pathogen’s Shield. Assembly and Modification of the Bacterial Outer Membrane”
Dr. Randy Stockbridge, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor “Architecture of Double-Barrelled Fluoride Channels”

More Information Coming Soon!

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