UD NSLIY Group Visited Beijing

As part of the culture excursions to enhance the study of Chinese society, the UD NSLIY visited the Great Wall on August 7. Inspired by the Chinese familiar saying “You are not a hero unless you have successfully climbed the Great Wall,” all the students made hard efforts to reach the summit of the Mutianyu Great Wall, one of the most spectacular and physically challenging parts of the Great Wall. “It’s indeed great!” Bryce Fan was quoted as saying.

On August 6, the students visited the Olympic Village and were impressed by the grandiose of Bird’s Nest and Water Cubic (China’s National Swimming Pool).

On August 9 the students met with Wang Bin, one of the renowned filmmakers in China. As one of the most successful screenplay writers in the country, Wang Bin has collaborated with world-famous film director Zhang Yimou to produce such influential films as “Ju Dou,” “To Live,” “Raise the Red Lantern,” “Not One Less,” “Hero”, and “Fearless.” The students discussed Wang’s films, with particular reference to “Hero.” Wang Bin commented on contemporary Chinese films, the relation between films and society, the problematic of recent Chinese movies, as well as his prediction of what Chinese films will be like in the years to come. It was a lively gathering!

UD NSLIY met with the United Nations officials and diplomats in Xiamen

On July 31, the UD NSLIY students had a cross-cultural gathering with a group of the United Nations officials and diplomats, who were visiting Xiamen University, to share their experience of Chinese learning and their insights about Chinese culture and society. The students staged a joyful performance, all in Chinese, about their life in China, which attracted a large audience from campus community. The gathering was televised by Xiamen TV Station on the evening of July 31 in its prime time.

UD NSLIY Program Features “Buddy Activity” on A Daily Basis

One of the important features of the UD NSLIY is “Buddy Activity,” during which our students meet with Chinese students from local high schools twice a week to chat about differences and similarities between American and Chinese schools, their dreams and learn Chinese dances, songs, paintings, etc. On July 28, “buddies” met again to discuss Peking Opera and learned to paint Peking Opera masks and make puppet figures for “shadow play,” a traditional theatrical form popular in southern Fujian province. They truly had a lot of fun!

Painting a Peking Opera mask

Pose with Peking Opera masks

Shadow Puppet is fanscinating