The US-China Student Forum

The US-China Student Forum is going on now on UD campus, with the participation of ten students from China, including five students from the East China Normal University and five from Xiamen University, and ten UD students.

The forum aims to advance cross-cultural cooperation, increase understanding and inclusiveness, and promote exchanges between students in both countries. The ultimate objective is to initiate dialogue across the Chinese and American cultures and deepen friendship between the two great countries.

Theme of the two-week program from April 28 to May 9 this year  is Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Humanities. By studying a variety of topics of social and cultural significance, the forum discusses and debates the status of the humanities in the educational systems in China and the U.S., the importance of humanistic study in our increasingly technological workplaces, and the role of humanities education in an open society.

Participants will use hashtag #USChinaSF to post on Instagam.

This year’s Forum is sponsored by The Confucius InstituteCollege of Arts & SciencesInstitute for Global Studies, and Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at the University of Delaware.

UDCI Kicks Off “China Forum” Series of Lectures This Week

The Confucius Institute at the University of Delaware is presenting its “China Forum” series of lectures on UD campus in coming weeks.


The inaugural lecture “Internet Development in China: Its Impact on Public Opinion” by Professor Yan Sanjiu, Dean of the College of Communication from East China Normal University will be held on Friday, Oct. 26 at 4:00-5:30 pm in Gore Hall 116.

第一讲将由华东师范大学传播学院院长严三九教授讲述“中国网络发展对公共决策的影响”。时间:本周五10月26日下午4点至5:30于UD Gore Hall 116进行。

The Third Annual University of Delaware-Peking University Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 5:00-6:30 pm in Sharp Lab 100. Professor An Pingqiu, General Director of the National Commission on Classics Editing & Research from Peking University will talk about “Wine Culture of China: An Important Aesthetic Tradition”.

第二讲将由北京大学中国古文献研究中心主任安平秋教授讲述“中国酒文化”。时间:下周二10月30日下午5点至6:30于UD Sharp Lab 100进行。

Both events are open to the public.