Who We Are

Dr. Jianguo Chen

Dr. Chen is an Associate Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Delaware and Director of US Department of State’s NSLIY Summer Institute in China. Jianguo Chen received his Ph.D. in Chinese and Comparative Literary Studies from the University of California at Davis. His research interests include Chinese Cultural Studies, Chinese Film Studies, translation, contemporary Chinese society, modern Chinese literature, the 20th-century Chinese fiction, Comparative Literature and Theory. Jianguo Chen authored and co-authored several books including The Aesthetics of the Beyond: Phantasm, Nostalgia, and Literary Practice in Contemporary China (the University of Delaware Press, 2009) and Teaching and Learning Chinese: Issues and Perspectives (New Age Information, Inc., 2010). He is the Contributing Editor of Encyclopedia of Modern China (Thomson Gale, 2009). He has published many chapters in books including Images of Robin Hood; Aspects of Diaspora: Studies on North American Chinese Writers; Literature as Cultural Memory; and Teaching and Learning Chinese: Issues and Perspectives. In addition, Jianguo Chen also published many peer review journal articles in the leading scholarly journals such as Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Comparative Literature Studies, American Journal of Chinese Studies, Tamkiang Review, Chinese Culture, and Social Sciences. He also wrote dozens book reviews and reviewed many manuscripts for scholarly presses and journals. Among the many honors and grants he received were the federal grants from the US Department of State, a total of more than $1.5 million, and university research grants from the University of Delaware.

Dr. Xiaoyan Xiao

Dr. Xiao is a professor from the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Xiamen University (XMU), China. She has a PhD in Linguistics from XMU, an MA in Applied Language Studies from the University of Westminster, UK, and an MA in Conference Interpreting from XMU. Dr. Xiao has over 20 years of experience in language and culture related research, teaching and international projects. Her expertise lies in interpretation both in spoken and in signed modes, as well as linguistics. She has received international and Chinese national research grants from organizations including the British Council, EU Asia-link projects, EU Erasmus Mundus, Chinese National Social Sciences Academy, and Chinese National Language Committee. Dr. Xiao has (co-)authored ten books and over twenty academic papers on international and national Chinese journals. She was a Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar at Gallaudet University and Georgetown University (2012-2013). She was also a visiting professor at UCLA (2006-2007), at the Translation Science Centre of the University of Vienna, Austria (2010), and at the University of Westminster, UK (1999-2000).

Ms. Carrie Fang
Program Manager

Ms. Fang manages programs, personnel, accounting and public relations at the Confucius Institute at UD. Ms. Fang has more than twelve years of experience working in the education management field. She is now the Principal of Delaware Chun Hui Chinese School and previously the Vice Principal of Tucson Chinese School in Tucson, Arizona. She is an alumna of the University of Delaware (MBA), the University of Arizona (MA in Library Science), and Tianjin University in China.

Ms. Wenqian Chen
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Chen received her MA in English Language Education from De La Salle University, Philippines and BA in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Fujian Normal University (FJNU). She has taught Chinese in the Philippines from 2007 to 2008 and lectured College English to Chinese students in FJNU from 2010 to 2013. She joined afterwards in Xiamen University to teach Mandarin to international students. Ms. Chen loves Chinese folk music, Calligraphy and Chinese Cuisine cooking.

Ms. Fang Guo
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Fang Guo has more than five years’ experience of teaching Chinese as a second language. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Hunan Normal University and a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Tsinghua University. She had taught Chinese for one year in London School of Economics. Before joining the UDCI, she is a full time Chinese teacher in Xiamen University.

Ms. Lu Liu
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Lu Liu received her MA in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Xiamen University, China. Ms. Liu has taught Chinese in South Korea from 2010 to 2011 and at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Nigeria from 2013 to 2014. Ms. Liu is specialized in the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (aka HSK) related courses and has been teaching K-5 students at the Delaware Christian Academy in New Castle, Delaware since August 2015.

Miss Xinqin Liu
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Xinqin Liu received her Master’s Degree of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language from Xinjiang University in China and has spent a year teaching Chinese at the Confucius Institute of Bishkek Humanities University in Kyrgyzstan from 2012 to 2013. She joined afterwards in Qinghai Nationalities University to teach Chinese to international students there. Miss Liu is specialized in Chinese folk music, folk dance, folk arts and speaks French as well.

Ms. Qingxin Beth Xu
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Qingxin Beth Xu has more than ten years of language teaching and research experience in China, to students at almost all age groups and with various learning backgrounds. She received a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Xiamen University, specializing in second language acquisition, individual differences and systemic functional grammar. She was the co-author of two course books and is currently working in two research teams, one about Chinese/ English corpus and the other about teaching English with drama. She loves Chinese painting, cooking Chinese food, and is currently learning to play ocarina.

Ms. Yan Wang
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Yan Wang received her master’s degree in education from Harbin Normal University in Heilongjiang Province. She also holds an advanced teacher certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language from the International Profession Certification Association (IPA). Born and raised in a Peking Opera family, Ms. Wang has been exposed to the art form since very young age. She also received professional training on vocal performance and has been performing on stage in Heilongjiang Province for more than twenty years. Ms. Wang is particularly interested in promoting Chinese culture through language teaching. Her classes cover many topics such as traditional medicine, folk arts, and folk dances.
 placeholder Ms. Junli Gao
Chinese Teacher
 placeholder Ms. Tingting Li
Chinese Teacher
 placeholder Ms. Yanping Xi
Chinese Teacher
 xia Mr. Libao Xia
Chinese Teacher

Mr. Libao Xia graduated from Harbin Normal University with a major in Chinese language and literature education. He has been teaching in high school for more than ten years before he shifted his career to teaching Mandarin as a second language in 2005. Mr. Xia spent the next decade teaching in Renmin University of China as well as a private school in Beijing. From 2014 to 2016, he taught Chinese in Dubai Repton School and Dubai College in the United Arab Emirates.  Mr. Xia has co-authored a Mandarin textbook “Beautiful Bridge” that was published by the Beijng Language and Culture University Press in 2012. Now Mr. Xia is teaching Mandarin in Shue Medill Middle School in the Christina School District in Newark, DE.
 placeholder Ms. Zhixiang Zhou
Chinese Teacher


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