The Dempsey Farm

On Friday, potentially the last field work day of the semester, the MAHBS crew went to the Dempsey Farm in Corner Ketch.

Front Elevation of the Dempsey House


The Dempsey Farm is currently being restored by the owners of the property, which made it an excellent site to document and study, because all of the walls are exposed. Some of the CHADsters are doing historic research back in the office, trying to date the construction of the house. The property has been owned by the Dempsey family since the 1870s!  We do know that the Dempsey Farm, was once a combination store and living space. The family even has a historic photo to prove it!

Dempsey Farm circa 1880 : Photo Courtesy of Lou Dempsey

The Dempsey Farm is one of the properties selected for the New Castle County project. It is one of 3 other sites, that MAHBS will document for the county this academic year. The final documentation package, along with all of the other New Castle County properties will be submitted at the end of May 2012.


Second Floor Interior


As I mentioned previously, this was potentially our last fieldwork day of the fall semester because CHAD is MOVING! The whole office has to be packed and ready to go by December 19th! More details on the CHAD move to come.

Catherine Morrissey