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Established at the University of Delaware in 1984, the Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD) is an interdisciplinary research and public service center in the School of Public Policy & Administration addressing historic preservation planning and policy, with a particular focus on the documentation, interpretation, and evaluation of historic buildings and landscapes.

In conjunction with the MA in Historic Preservation, CHAD provides an integrated program of graduate education, research, and public service.  By working on real-world projects with faculty and staff, graduate and undergraduate students develop technological and analytical skills ranging from architectural documentation to archival research, and from GIS mapping to community development and advocacy.  Our major areas of research and public service emphasize:

  • Documenting, evaluating, and interpreting historic properties, at levels ranging from cultural resource survey to National Register Nominations to HABS-level measured drawings
  • Reconstructing the historic built environment (vernacular architecture, landscapes, and material culture) to study issues of evolution, design, and technology
  • Developing historic preservation planning and policy at local, state, national, and international levels
  • Conducting research on the physical properties of cultural and historical materials
  • Advocating for the preservation of historic resources

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